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What coaching is and what it isn’t

If there were only one truth, you couldn't paint a hundred canvas on the same theme.

(Pablo Picasso)



I'll start with the obvious right away: Coaching is neither counseling in the classical sense nor therapy for coming to terms with the past. Neither advice nor solutions are given. My coaching is about defining visions and goals, creating perspectives and implementing them. Coaching is a creative process indeed, but it’s always solution-oriented. With targeted questions and impulses, new insights are gained.


The reasons for coaching can be as different as the customers themselves. Here are some examples:

  • Everything is just too much and you can't get any further.

  • Support in identifying your own values, wishes and visions – and with their realization.

  • A new project or job is around the corner and a suitable plan is missing.

  • The topic of career hovers in the room, but you don't have a clear picture yet.

  • Finding a healthy balance between private, family and professional life.

  • Improve time and priority management. 

  • Mastering unforeseen challenges on your own. 

  • Find your motivation again, no matter in which area.

  • Discard old routines and habits. 

  • Know your own value and represent it accordingly.

Safe Space


Communication at eye level, trust and respect are classic features of a harmonious relationship or partnership – professional as well as private. And that's exactly the foundation of my coaching. My priority is to create a safe framework, in which you feel comfortable and can let go of anything that might hold you back. New thoughts and ideas should emerge, no matter how crazy they may sound.  This is what I refer to as "safe space", where you feel welcome, just the way you are.

My Values

As an aspiring ICF Coach (International Coaching Federation, the largest international non-profit organization for professional coaches), I highly value mutual respect and am bound by the ICF principles of confidentiality. For me, central values in my work are authenticity, reliability, collaboration and openness. I rely on my customers to respect these values and act accordingly.

Tailor-made Coaching

Every coaching is tailored to the needs of the customer and at the same time a commitment from both parties. I see the person in front of me as an independent individual. I focus on the "coachee" as a whole, with his or her own history, values and abilities – despite the actual problem. Therefore, I do not follow any predetermined patterns or standard processes. The coachee defines the goal and will find the individual way to achieve it, with my support.

Why me? 

Simple question – simple answer: My credo is: Your success is my success. I see myself as a guide and companion. Together, we create new ideas and perspectives to master any challenges self-determined. And the most important thing: Coaching can and should also be fun!


My four-legged companion Tyson provides the certain something (on request). A dog as a co-coach also contributes to the creation of a comfortable safe space, because he is calming and patient in his own way. It has even been scientifically proven that petting dogs brings peace and creates familiarity, thanks to the hormone oxytocin, which is released in the process – in dogs and humans.


And finally…

Are you wondering how coaching works? No problem. Here is a short description:

  • Free initial discussion and introduction to the topic of coaching

  • Agree on a goal for coachee and coach as well as the framework conditions (time frame of the coaching, number of coaching appointments, costs, etc.)

  • Possible preparation of the coaching or individual sessions based on questionnaires

  • Coaching can take place in person, online or via telephone

  • One coaching session lasts 60 minutes

  • At the end of each session, next steps are defined, possibly further to-do's for the coachee agreed


In principle, I offer my coaching sessions, with an hourly fee starting at 80 €. I individually decide on the amount of hours necessary. Depending on the topic or the effort, I calculate the price. 


Did anything speak to you directly? Would you like to turn your vision into reality and are ready for the next step towards success? Then contact me today for your free initial raincheck.

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