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About me

As a trained software developer and full-time project manager at SAP, you may wonder why I am working as a coach in addition. The answer is simple.


After quite a few years of professional experience, I came to the point where I asked myself the question: How should my journey continue? I had already achieved a lot and wanted to develop professionally. But I didn't really know what direction to take, or what the next steps should be.

It's sometimes not that easy to express your wishes and goals, let alone find ways to achieve them. So, in 2015, I started a life-changing coaching session where I was able to answer these questions. And not only that. I gained completely new insights and perspectives, got to know myself better and recognized my own behavioral patterns and motivators. The coaching gave me new motivation and encouraged me to complete my training as Erickson Certified Coach (ICF-CertifiedCoach Training | Erickson Coaching International) in 2021. I now also want to support people in getting to the bottom of things, questioning their beliefs and breaking new grounds in a strengthened way.

My credo is: Your success is my success.

You’re also at a dead end and don't know what's next? Then contact me today for a free initial consultation.

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